Why do I need battery storage for my Solar Power system?

Installing a battery storage system with your solar generation system means that you are able to time-shift the energy you generate. This is particularly important in domestic settings where energy use is generally highest when the sun has set and the lights come on. It means you can be using stored energy when you would otherwise need to be buying electricity from the grid.

Battery storage systems also protect you in the case of black-outs if used alongside a hybrid inverter and Emergency Power System (EPS). If and when the power goes out in your neighbourhood an EPS system will provide emergency power to critical systems such as lighting, gas boiler and even your TV and wifi – provided your internet service provider still has power too!

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What are the benefits of a solar power battery storage system?

An additional advantage of battery systems is that you can benefit from dual tarifs from your electrical energy provider. Many companies offer cheap (or even free) electricity late at night when there is excess supply in the system, but little demand. You can take advantage of this without a battery by running appliances like washing machines at night or using old-fashioned night storage heaters or setting your electric vehicle to charge at these times.

However you can really make the most of this with battery storage. If you don’t have a solar system you can store this cheap electricity to use during the day or the following evening considerably reducing the amount you are paying for that energy.

Even if you do have solar you can make use of this in deep winter if there isn’t enough solar to run your house during the day and fully charge your batteries. Charging the batteries at night will mean cheap energy to power your mornings before the sun comes up and also supplement your solar system.

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Commercial Solar Battery Storage

Harness energy created by solar panels at your commercial premises during the daylight to use at other times. Invest in your business’s energy independence.

Domestic Solar Battery Storage

Utilise stored solar power during peak energy demand times. Reduce your reliance on the grid and significantly reduce your home energy bills.

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